Castor. Super simple, everyday data dashboard.

Castor is a powerful yet simple web app giving you all the tools you need to nicely display your data.

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Create monitoring dashboards and present your data with a gorgeous interface,
on any screen, from an iPad to a wall-mounted TV.


Dashboard editing.

Castor includes a lot of premade widgets, and you can always create your own. Drag, drop, resize. Dashboard can have as many widgets as you want and can be edited in no time.

Own Data Source.

Castor securely fetches data, directly from the client. Fill up your widgets with your own, without ever worrying about your data’s safety.


Each widget can be instantly updated using webhooks: just get the Webhook URL for a specified widget and send some data!

Live refresh.

No need to refresh — edit your dashboard on your Mac to see it live on your iPad or TV screen. You can also share a read-only copy of your dashboard using a unique URL – super easy to set up!


What people are saying

Product Hunt

Woah - just tried it out and I was definitely surprised about how great of an experience I had. The user interface, controls, and design is beautifully done - the graph is excellent. Great job!

Kevin G.

The product undoubtedly addresses a need: no campaign was necessary, everything was done by word of mouth, entirely online.

Product Hunt

Love the color scheme. The app is beautifully designed with the user in mind. My kind of designers, that is for sure. Bravo!

Zac N.

I love it and have not found a replacement for it, so I recommend it to many others.

Michell W.


Use Castor to present different data.

Watch the dashboard

Use Castor to manage your sales team.

Watch the dashboard

Use Castor to monitor your servers.

Watch the dashboard

Use Castor to present the appointments.

Watch the dashboard


You can use Castor for free as long as you want, use every type of widget and set up unlimited screens to display your dashboard. If you need more than one dashboard or want to send your data directly from your app or servers to Castor using webhooks, consider upgrading to the Pro plan.


Unlimited screens
Unlimited widgets
One Dashboard
No Data Webhooks


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Unlimited screens
Unlimited widgets
Unlimited Dashboards
Unlimited Data Webhooks
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Frequently asked questions

Castor is free and always will be — signing up is the best way to answer all your questions! If you need more information before signing up, read the FAQ below. We’re always here to help, just drop us an email at [email protected]

If you use data from multiple sources on a regular basis, Castor will be your new BFF. It helps you visualize data from multiple sources in one place. Castor is also great to present your data on a large screen, so you can share relevant data to your entire office or team – from sales insights to user onboarding analytics, including servers and app status.

You can also use Castor to display live information whenever you need to. Whether it’s conference signage or waiting room display, Castor will help you communicate easily. We love hearing about solutions our users build with Castor — share your Castor love with us via Twitter (@getcastor) or send us pictures of your setup at [email protected].
To edit and display a Castor dashboard, you need a modern web browser. You can use any web browser as a screen, including iPhone and iPad. You can use a large TV screen to beautifully present your dashboard in your office – just remember we don’t provide you with the TV!
If you only need one dashboard, you’ll love our Free version of Castor. You can even display your dashboard on as many screens as you want. If you need more than one dashboard or want to send data directly from your app or server to your Castor dashboard using webhooks, consider the Pro plan that comes with unlimited dashboards and webhooks.
We ask you to pay a small fee for Castor Pro to cover server costs, services costs (like our Weather service) and future development of Castor. We still wanted to offer a free version of Castor, that's why the Free plan is on us!
By default, Castor will always ask the client browser to fetch the data itself so no data actually goes through our servers. However, if it fails, Castor server will try to fetch the data — make sure you read the article “Remote Data with Castor” from our documentation. When Castor server fetches data, it securely pipes it directly to the Castor client. No data is stored or cached.


Our developer-friendly documentation provides you with useful articles from editing your dashboard to creating custom widgets.


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We're always here to help! Whether you're just curious about Castor or need support, please send us an email at [email protected]

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If you need to get in touch with our public relations team, to learn more about Castor or request an evaluation copy, please email [email protected]